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Why do we have a mirror?

Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) seem to block the .city TLD (Top Level Domain) for some reason. So simply to make sure that everyone can access our website, we serve a mirror on the adbypass.org domain.

More In-Depth Information

We noticed earlier last year that some ISPs, especially from the UK seemed to block our main domain. This does not seem to be a block on our domain, but rather on the .city TLD (Top Level Domain) itself.

Users from all various Countries reported more and more that they could not access our website. And especially as they wanted to use our Userscript we could not use it after installing it.

As we kept growing we now decided to serve a mirror on the adbypass.org domain, so that everyone can access our website. This also includes a Fall-Back for our Userscript, so that it will always work, no matter what.

We hope this will help everyone to access our website and use our Userscript. Statistics show that already Users are now able to access our website, that previously could not.

This should resolve this issue once and for all. If you still encounter any issues with our Service, please contact us.

Bypass.city Team
Bypass.city Team